Monday, November 06, 2006

Orchid Seed's Fantabulous Masane

Well, someone up there must have something against me using my computer. Just days after I get back my internet connection and my PC (running pretty well again, I should say), I get hit by a bucketload of malware/trojan crap. The one day I decided to turn off all my spyware protection/firewalls because my P2P was having some trouble...=S Needless to say, clearing it out was one heck of a job. Even after 2 days of scanning, cleaning and what have you, I still ended up with a crazy-acting dwwin.exe which alerted me of errors everytime I did something related to the internet. Curse it. Anyway, I managed to solve all that now, and I'm actually pretty relieved. After all, my 70+GB of anime in my CPU's harddisk couldn't be accessed for a few days due to the errors...and 70GB is alot of time and money. ^^

Then my day got better when I saw that there were finally (saw this pretty late, I guess, sue me) pictures of the Masane Amaha first seen at Wanfesu '06. And I must say IMHO that it's the best so far.

Masane Amaha 1/6 scale PVC

GDH and Kotobukiya have fought valiantly, but it is the last man standing that counts. And Orchid Seed has definitely done what they can to make sure that THEY have the last laugh. I mean, look at the figure. Aside from the fact that she's no Ignis or Belldandy, this one had me at hello. Koto's version had shiny hair and I didn't particularly like the nail-like protrusion coming from the GDH version' err...nether regions.

Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC
Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC Masane Amaha 1/6 PVC

Her Witchblade-transformed hair is wonderfully dynamic giving the figure a feeling well-suited to the anime. I guess her face is a little too 'pretty' considering her character. And I do admit I've never really liked Masane in the anime, drunk mom goes monster isn't exactly the best role-model in the world, lol. But come on...the 15cm blade itself (removable if you can't fit it in your display ^^) sells itself. A 40cm PVC figure is either a blessing or one hell of a curse. Find a place for it, or dig a hole in your wall, then use the Koto and GDH versions as paperweights, cause Masane's coming one more time, and the third time looks the charm. Slated for March 2007...freakin' long time to go.

Manufacturer: Orchid Seed (
Good Smile Company release)
Release Date: March 2007
6800 Yen

>>> Toyzlog

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